First Visit

When Is My Child’s First “Regular” Visit?

The first “regular” dental visit should be no later than your child’s first birthday.     

The American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Dental Association, and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry all recommend establishing a “Dental Home” for your child by one year of age. Children who have a dental home are more likely to receive appropriate preventive and routine oral health care. 

our main goal

Our main goal during your child’s first visit is to build a trusting relationship by creating a fun and stress-free environment for both parents and children.

how to prepare

Before your scheduled appointment, we recommend that you fill out our New Patient forms to get acquainted with our office. This will take approximately 15 minutes per child. We ask that you do this beforehand so that on the day of the appointment we can focus our attention on your child’s dental care needs. If you do have dental insurance, bring the card as well as your driver’s license so that we may obtain a copy for our records. 

The best preparation for your child’s first visit to our office is maintaining a positive attitude. children pick up on adults’ apprehensions and if you make negative comments about trips to the dentist, you can be sure that your child will fear an unpleasant experience and act accordingly. show your child the pictures of the office and staff on the website. let your child know that it’s important to keep their teeth and gums healthy and the doctor will help do just that. remember that your dentist is specifically trained to handle fears and anxiety and our staff excels at putting children at ease during treatment.

what to expect

When you arrive for the first visit, you and your child will be greeted by our front office staff who will request to take a picture of your child for our records. During the first visit, we will provide a friendly, caring introduction to our dental home where lifelong relationships begin. Parents/guardians are welcome to accompany children at all times during routine visits to our office.

A first visit appointment will include, but not be limited to, home care instruction, nutrition counseling, growth and development evaluation, orthodontic evaluation as well as a comprehensive exam that will outline existing dental concerns, and, of course, includes a thorough dental cleaning.

At the end of the appointment, your child will receive a bag with a toothbrush, floss, toothpaste, stickers, and a coin to use in our prize machines. They will also have an opportunity to be part of our New Patient and Cavity Free Kids Clubs by filling out the raffle slip at the check-out desk. Finally, the front desk staff will get you checked out and scheduled for your next visit. We love our patients, and can’t wait to see them again and again!